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We carry 100% officially licensed band and festival merchandise as well as great accessories with motifs from the hard rock and heavy metal world. Under Teutonic metal shop, you can find everything about band merchandise. Amon Amarth, Iron Maiden, Kiss, AC / DC, Motörhead, Bullet For My Valentine, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Tankard, Metallica, Green Day and Guns N Roses are a selection of rock bands that are represented here. Are you looking for Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Alternative, Garage Punk or Gothic - with us you will find a huge selection of patches, superstrips, back patches, posters, textile posters, metal key rings, rock band mugs, badges, band stickers and sweatbands. You can also expect a large range of band t-shirts, fan shirts, metal t-shirts as well as LPs, CDs and vinyl, 7 ". We also have a large range of merchandise for our rock & metal youngsters. Have a look! !

GIFT VOUCHER is the gift that always fits.

We now have gift vouchers for various occasions, such as for Christmas, birthdays or as a gift in between.

Vouchers are available for € 10, € 20, € 30, € 40, € 50, € 60, €, 70 €, 80 €, 90 €, 100 €.

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Official band merchandise for babies & kids

Are you looking for an Iron Maiden children's shirt? Or an AC / DC baby body? An Amon Amarth hooded jacket or Kreator sweatpants? No problem, you are in the right shop. Here you can find your favorite motif or the logo of your favorite band for your little fan at home.

Cartridge belts and studded belts

Punk Gothic Accessoires