To help you find and possibly convert the right women's size in just a few seconds,

Here you will find a quick and comprehensive overview of the most common items of clothing and clothing sizes for women.

This saves you the hassle of going through dozens of size charts.

The specified lengths refer to the total length.

The total length is measured from the buckle to the tip of the belt.

Important note: The indicated belt length refers to the total length of the belt (beginning up to and including the belt buckle). The belt length you actually need is calculated from your waist size + approx. 15 cm. The waist size (hips) is simply measured using a tape measure. Example: A person has a waist circumference of 90 cm. We now add 15 cm. Thus this person would need a belt with a total length of 105 cm.

Size advisor for children and babies

Our cuts are optimized so that you can enjoy the articles as long as possible. If you are ever unsure which size fits better, you will find the respective dimensions in cm here.

How to measure correctly:

Take a comparable item and place it on a smooth, level surface. Now measure the three different lengths. Please orient yourself at the measuring points of the respective graphic for chest width (A), back length (B) and sleeve length