Organic cotton: The clean little sister of the most popular natural fiber

Organic cotton is produced and harvested according to the guidelines of organic farming. The use of genetically modified seeds is prohibited. In contrast to conventional cotton cultivation, the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is prohibited. Manure and compost are used to maintain and improve natural soil fertility. To keep insects away, the fields are mixed with other plants. In West Africa, for example, sunflowers are planted around the cotton fields. These attract pests such as the cotton boll beetle and prevent infestation of the cotton plants. In addition, the farmers have to keep a crop rotation. This means that the cotton is grown in alternation with other crops such as tomatoes or peppers etc. This is also used for soil maintenance and prevents the multiplication of pests and diseases.

How do you properly care for cotton?

To wash:

Outerwear at 30 ° C, underwear at 60 ° C

No special detergent required, we recommend detergents without optical brighteners and stain removers

Important: separate colors when washing!


Organic cotton has no chemical care properties, so it is not shrink-proof and therefore unsuitable for tumble drying

It is best to pull into shape after washing and dry flat.


Can be ironed at up to 200 ° C, but it is better to iron slightly damp at lower temperatures

Stain treatment:

Check color fastness on the inside!

Do not use gasoline, but gall soap or panamarind extract cleaner

Rub the stain with it and then wash the whole piece

The UN sustainability goals

For us it goes without saying that our society has to change. Our common goal is to be able to offer you more sustainable products in the coming year and in the future. We want to contribute to the 17 global goals for sustainable development. This is our roadmap for the future, what about you guys? I hope you guys jump on the train. With the 2030 Agenda, the global community wants to enable a decent life worldwide while at the same time preserving the natural foundations of life in the long term. This includes economic, ecological and social aspects. Together we will gradually contribute to the 17 goals with you.

Care instructions & product tips


So that you can enjoy our textiles for as long as possible, please observe the following information on washing, drying and ironing:

Wash textiles “inside out”

do not use fabric softeners

Max. 40 ° washing temperature

no dryer

Iron the print “inside out”

Please understand that these items cannot be exchanged.


Clean and dry the pane

peel off the backing paper

Apply the sticker to a smooth surface on the outside

Press firmly evenly

Carefully pull off the front protective film

Avoid the windscreen wiper area if possible


The knobs can deform during transport due to the heat. If this is the case, please throw the knobs briefly into boiling water and let them cool down on a flat surface. The knobs are returned to their original shape and then adhere to the car windshield again without any problems.


Attention, aluminum drinking bottles are generally not dishwasher safe. Should the bottles nevertheless be cleaned in the dishwasher, the imprint can peel off, discolour the aluminum metal and break the drinking bottle cap. In this case we accept no liability.

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